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Poster for Anime Supremacy!
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Anime Supremacy!

Midnight weekend screenings happen on Friday & Saturday nights (meaning arrive on Friday and/or Saturday night by 11:45pm for seating, the movie starts after midnight)!

Director: Azuma Tani, Kohei Yoshino, Takashi Otsuka Run Time: 128 min. Format: Audio Amplification Available Release Year: 2022 Language: Japanese

Starring: Asuka Kudo, Machiko Ono, Riho Yoshioka, Tasuku Emoto, Tomoya Nakamura

A soft-spoken but strong willed animator gets her big break, but must compete with a legendary animator returning to the business for a Saturday primetime spot in this new live action comedy/drama about Japan’s anime industry. When the young animator challenges her hero-turned-rival on stage at an anime convention, the two production teams each set out to outdo one another, because there can only be one number-one!

Anime Supremacy! – 3/18/23 @ 7:00 pm
Anime Supremacy! – 3/21/23 @ 9:30 pm
Anime Supremacy! – 3/24/23 @ 7:10 pm

Anime Challenge with Anime Supremacy!
7:10 pm – March 24 – $16
We’re going to invite anime-style artist RaiZArts on stage to draw an audience- created cartoon prompt — Mad Lib style. See what they come up with while you watch this fantastic new movie about ambition in the modern anime industry — Anime Supremacy! Please plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early to enjoy the program. 

Please note that Row House member codes are not applicable during the Japanese Film Festival.