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Poster for Faust (1994)
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Faust (1994)

Opens on October 2

Midnight weekend screenings happen on Friday & Saturday nights (meaning arrive on Friday and/or Saturday night by 11:45pm for seating, the movie starts after midnight)!

Director: Jan Svankmajer Run Time: 97 min. Format: Online Virtual Ticket Release Year: 1994

Screening at Row House Online from NOW SHOWING
Detail instructions on getting your film to play here


Czech animator-extraordinaire Jan Svankmajer reinterprets the Faustian legend using puppets, clay, and various other kinds of 3-dimensional animation in his acclaimed follow-up to ALICE, his celebrated 1988 adaptation of Lewis Carroll. The filmmaker’s dark vision begins on the streets of Prague as an ordinary commuter seals his fate by accepting a handbill as he exits the subway. Svankmajer draws upon texts by Goethe, Marlow, and Grabbe, as well as popular folk interpretations. Huge marionettes, evil chickens, a flaming, riderless cart, and a clay fetus grown in a test tube that retains its baby body while its head ages all figure into Svankmajer’s latest pact with the devil. “Completely mad and not to be missed” (BBC) FAUST is “In a word, magic.” (Time Out)

After your ticket purchase, you have THREE day to enjoy.