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Poster for Les Miserables

Les Miserables

Midnight weekend screenings happen on Friday & Saturday nights (meaning arrive on Friday and/or Saturday night by 11:45pm for seating, the movie starts after midnight)!

Director: Ladj Ly Run Time: 102 min. Format: Closed Captioning & Audio Amplification Available Release Year: 2019

Starring: Alexis Manenti, Damien Bonnard, Djibril Zonga, Issa Perica

Inspired by the 2005 riots in Paris, Les Misérables tells the story of a cop, Stéphane, and his move to Paris where he joins the local Anti-Crime Brigade of the impoverished suburb of Montfermeil. Amidst rising tensions between local gangs, an arrest turns unexpectedly violent. Stéphane and his corrupt colleagues must deal with the aftermath and keep the neighborhood from spiraling. (2019)




Friday, 2/21/20 @ 2:45 pm
Saturday, 2/22/20 @ 3:10 pm
Sunday, 2/23/20 @ 8:35 pm
Monday, 2/24/20 @ 12:25 pm
Tuesday, 2/25/20 @ 2:45 pm
Tuesday, 2/25/20 @ 9:30 pm
Wednesday, 2/26/20 @ 12:00 pm
Thursday, 2/27/20 @ 2:50 pm