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Poster for Destroy All Monsters (brew/view)
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Destroy All Monsters

Dates with showtimes for Destroy All Monsters
  • Thu, Mar 30
  1. 7:15 pm BrewView

Midnight screenings happen at midnight the day listed. For example, if it says Saturday At Midnight, please arrive by 11:45pm Saturday night.

Thu, Mar 30 @ 7:15 pm: brew/view

Director: Ishirô Honda Run Time: 89 min. Release Year: 1968 Language: Japanese

Starring: Akira Kubo, Chōtarō Tōgin, Jun Tazaki, Yoshio Tsuchiya, Yukiko Kobayashi

We are wrapping up two weeks of monster-movie fun the best way we know how — a Destroy All Monsters Brew & View! Ishirō Honda’s 1968 film takes place in 1999 when aliens release a whole crew of kaiju monsters — Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, Ghidorah, and more — onto major cities across the world.

Thematically paired beer will be delivered to your seat at key points during the movie. 21+

Destroy All Monsters – 3/30/23 @ 7:15 pm
Destroy All Monsters – 3/30/23 @ 9:45 pm


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