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Row House – Hollywood in Dormont is currently closed for renovations. Here’s the skinny on our big plans for the space.

Wait. You’re closing?
Yes. But only temporarily! The plan was always to host a trial run in 2023, and then close to renovate this historic building. The trial run went great and we’re so excited to move forward! Renovations are starting in early 2024 and will include a lot of mechanical updates (electric, HVAC) and some really amazing new features.

When will you reopen?
The hope, the wish, and the plan is to reopen in late summer 2024. Construction timelines are of course always subject to change, especially with a project this big.

So what does the renovation entail?
So much!

  • A second, smaller screen on the basement level of the building
  • A reimagined lobby space with expanded concession options
  • Private media rental rooms
  • A 70 mm projector
  • ADA improvements

There are a lot of other less glamorous updates like electric and HVAC repairs. Also, fun fact, the floor of the main auditorium is bowl shaped… so we’re definitely fixing that.

What will the theater look like? 
Great question! The Hollywood is originally a 1920s classic movie house, and we’re working with architects to preserve that part of its history with a fun twist. We are keeping the balcony and hoping to add an “atmospheric” style domed ceiling with stars, as was popular in the ’20s. While many other atmospheric theaters in the country have Roman or Far East themes, we’re planning an original Metropolis-inspired sci-fi theme for the interior of the theater.

Okay. Sounds great, but what do we do until then?
You can follow us on Insta for construction updates (@rowhouse_hollywood) and sign up for email updates. Our Lawrenceville location is also open seven days a week on Butler Street!


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