Music, Poetry, Sex, and Ass: A Warhol Film Medley

7 pm — May 21 – $General Admission
Join us for a medley of rarely screened films made by Pittsburgh’s own Andy Warhol! presented by Greg Pierce, Director of Film and Video, The Andy Warhol Museum,

Tickets - $General Admission

Flesh Night! w. Cannibal Mukbang and Cannibal Holocaust

7:15 & 10 pm – May 25 – $General Admission

ETHERIA FILM FESTIVAL PRESENTS: Cannibal Mukbang with a virtual Q&A with director Aimee Kuge! Followed up with a screening of the controversial cult film Cannibal Holocaust. (tickets sold separately)

Tickets - $General Admission

What's in the Box? with Se7en

7 pm – May 31 – $General Admission

Come watch the film Se7en and get a small box with a prize inside that represents one of the seven deadly sins. If you get Gwyneth Paltrow’s head, you get a special prize!

Tickets - $General Admission

Rocky Horror Picture Show with the JCCP

10 pm – June 1 – $17
Come do the Time Warp again with The Rocky Horror Picture Show and The Junior Chamber of Commerce Players! A portion of each ticket goes to the JCCP.

Tickets - $17