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American Psycho

Midnight screenings happen at midnight the day listed. For example, if it says Saturday At Midnight, please arrive by 11:45pm Saturday night.

Director: Mary Harron Run Time: 102 min. Format: Audio Amplification Available Rating: R Release Year: 2000

Starring: Christian Bale, Jared Leto, Josh Lucas, Samantha Mathis, Willem Dafoe

Christian Bale gives a chilling and iconic performance as a wealthy New York City investment banking executive, Patrick Bateman, hides his alternate psychopathic ego from his co-workers and friends as he delves deeper into his violent, hedonistic fantasies.

American Psycho Business Mixer
7:05 pm – May 23 – $11
Join us for cold coffee, stale donuts, and American Psycho at our first ever BUSINESS MIXER. Bring your business card (preferably embossed) for a drawing, and we’ll announce the stock tip of the year before we all watch a NY banking executive give in to his inner psycho. Please note absolutely no networking or real business will be tolerated. 


5/20/22 @ 2:20 pm
5/21/22 @ 10:00 pm
5/23/22 @ 7:05 pm w/ Business Mixer
5/24/22 @ 2:25 pm
5/25/22 @ 12:00 pm
5/25/22 @ 4:50 pm
5/26/22 @ 2:20 pm


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