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Poster for Bike Pittsburgh Double Feature

Bike Pittsburgh Double Feature

Midnight screenings happen at midnight the day listed. For example, if it says Saturday At Midnight, please arrive by 11:45pm Saturday night.

Run Time: 90 min.

Join us for a double feature of documentaries and support Bike Pittsburgh! 100% of proceeds will be donated back to Bike Pittsburgh and to Pittsburgh Babes on Bikes.

The Street Project:
In 2010, the small community of specialists who pay attention to US road safety statistics picked up on a troubling trend: more and more pedestrians and cyclists were being killed on American roads. In fact, pedestrian deaths have increased 51 percent since reaching their low point in 2009. In addition to the loss of human life, it is estimated that road injuries will cost the world economy $1.8 trillion from 2015–2030.

A Bitch of a Race:
The Frigid Bitch alleycat was created over nine years ago when Pittsburgh cyclist Anna-Lena Kempen decided that if she wanted a brutal winter race just for her peers, she would have to make it herself. This short local documentary tells the story of that race.


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