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Poster for REGISTRATION: Sweded Film Festival (2024)
Watch trailer for REGISTRATION: Sweded Film Festival (2024) Watch trailer

REGISTRATION: Sweded Film Festival (2024)

Midnight screenings happen at midnight the day listed. For example, if it says Saturday At Midnight, please arrive by 11:45pm Saturday night.

Run Time: 1 min. Release Year: 2021

ATTN: Pittsburgh movie makers, comedians, and film lovers! It’s time to register for the 2024 Sweded Film Festival for Creative Re-Creations! 

The Sweded Film Festival is returning for the 6th year and registration is now open for all filmmakers!

Purchase your registration here, then dibs your film by emailing Then get filming.

What Is a Sweded Film, you ask? Great Question
Sweded film are famous films recreated by amateurs in under 5 minutes —inspired by Michel Gondry’s 2008 comedy “Be Kind Rewind.”

Films are short, from 3 – 5 minutes long and made using phone cameras and homemade props. You don’t need a fancy video camera or any particular acting talent to make a Swede— just some imagination and a good idea!

Check out some examples:

I’m interested! What now?
-First thing’s first. You have to register using the link above and pay a $10 entry fee.
-Second, email us at to dibs the film you want to Swede.
-Then get working. Be sure to check out the film specifications below and remember – it’s a Swede. So keep it fast, cheap, and out of control…. but make it awesome!
-Submit your film! We’ll be screening them in June 28-July 4, 2024 with our annual awards ceremony on July 3 at Row House Cinema in Lawrenceville. Audience members will vote on their favorites, Andy you could win a cash prize!

The DEADLINE to register and submit your film is June 14 by 11am EST.

 Film Guidelines & Requirements
– DIBS the film you’re going to Swede early by emailing (we do this to avoid doubles within the same year)
– Length must be 3-5 minutes
– keep it PG-13
– must be a swede of a known movie. Remember, the more popular the film, the more your swede will be loved.
– flat format – 1998 x 1080 (note… not 1920 x 1080)
– frame rate – 24 fps or 30 fps (note… not 23.98 fps)
– audio can be up to 5.1 surround
– acceptable formats include mp4, mov, m4v only

Other Important Stuff 
– Row House has the right to reject any movie for content or technical failure.
– Row House and the filmmakers share the rights to submitted Sweded films
– Registration fee is non-refundable


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